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is for sale

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Buy the address for only 2.198 € without VAT at a fixed price. Now as an immediate purchase with the escrow service of ELITEDOMAINS GmbH.

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2.198 €
without VAT
Overview of estimated sales tax
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Advantages of a good domain



A beautiful domain is unique and sets you apart from your competitors. It also reduces the risk of confusion for your brand!


More visibility

With a good domain, you immediately generate more visibility, get new visitors and increase sales. Also, you can forward multiple domains to your project as well.


Better memorability

A nice domain is easy to remember. You keep the address in the back of your mind. Visitors thus become returning customers.


More customer trust

With a professional domain you create a lot of trust with customers, suppliers and stakeholders. The domain radiates seriousness for your business.


Protection from the competition

Secure the best web addresses in your industry! By doing so, you create natural barriers to market entry and generate a lasting competitive advantage.


Lower marketing costs

Lower marketing costs through a better quality score in online advertising campaigns and returning visitors through a natural branding effect.

Frequently asked questions and answers about domain purchase

These questions are often asked by domain buyers.

How does a domain transfer work?

The process of domain transfer is also called owner and provider change, transfer of ownership or domain transfer for short. We as a trustee make this transfer as safe and easy as possible. This is our secured step by step process:
  • Step 1: You transfer your data, pay the purchase price to ELITEDOMAINS GmbH as trustee and thus buy the domain. A sales contract between you and the domain owner is created.
  • Step 2: We take over the domain from the seller. As soon as the domain is with us as trustee, the seller receives the payment of the purchase price.
  • Step 3: We transfer the domain to the buyer. Our specialists will send you simple technical instructions on how to transfer the domain to your provider.
We support you with all questions. We make sure that your provider takes over your new domain and that you are registered there as the owner. That's it! If you need further support after the transfer, we will help you anytime for free.

What payment methods are accepted?

What securities do I have as a buyer?

How long does a domain transfer take?

Sales tax

What is the sales tax?

Sales tax is also called value added tax. It is a tax levied on commercial sales. In the European Union, however, the amount of tax depends on the commercial status and origin of the respective parties.

Sales tax calculation
What do I pay? Costs in EUR
Price without UST 2.198,00 €
0 % VAT 0,00 €
Total price 2.198,00 €
Tax situation of the seller
subject to sales tax (19%)
Who has to pay sales tax?
  • Consumers in the EU always buy with sales tax.
  • Companies in the EU that buy from companies in the same country are always charged VAT .
  • Companies in the EU buying from companies in other EU countries are charged without VAT (reverse charge procedure).
  • Consumers and companies outside the EU buy without VAT (third country).
Is your sales tax being calculated incorrectly?

The VAT rate stated here is an estimate based on the geo-location of your IP. The exact value is only determined with the invoice details in the order process. The "tax situation of the seller" in combination with the buyer's information on "private or commercial purchase" and "country of the buyer" is always relevant for tax purposes

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