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Welcome to the 1oo%LAMEr! Homepage LAMEr is a Win32 GUI front end for the LAME freeware MP3 encoder (check out http://www.sulaco.org/mp3). "Yet another front end..." you might say - but check out LAMEr's functionality. It's our definition of what a program like this is about: small (only 50kB executable), fast (written in pure C++), feature packed and easy to use. Why a GUI front end, first place? Due to the nature of LAME being a command line only program, it is not as nice to handle as other MP3 encoders (unless you're a hardcore user eager to remember and type all the parameters you need :-) ...not speaking about batch encoding of multiple files, which is impossible with the stand-alone LAME executable. LAMEr takes out all the hazzle of encoding files with LAME - including ID3 tagging of the encoded files. You select the files to encode via a standard file requester, adjust the parameters, enter the ID3 tags (separately available for each file, a very rare feature among other front ends), and the only thing left is hitting the "Encode" button! 15.08.2005 The LAMEr!-project has been officially abandoned. We're sorry for this, but we can't support it any further. The latest fully working version ist still available on the download page, though (fixed some broken links there). 24.09.2002 Replaced the @ in the mailadresses on the contact-page with (at) - sorry for this, but the increasing spamming forces us. 06.02.2002 A new beta is out! LAMEr 1.21b having some nasty bugs fixed, and the Recorder enabled again. More in the History-section! 14.01.2002 Here it is - LAMErv1.2beta! It's just a beta, though - i.e. some things are not included yet, but will follow in the next version(s): CDDB-support, audiograbbing, TAG-Editor, Stats. But check out the new release and download the new 1.20beta. For more infos on changes please read the .txt-file included in the archive and check the history-page. For bug reports please post your problems in our beta-forum! To stay up to date you can also subscribe to our new LAMEr-newsletter or visit us on IRC. More infos on the Contact-page. 13.01.2002 The Download-Link for the lame-executable now refers to v3.91, which can be used with LAMEr. Unfortunately the output of the new LAME-version is not 100% compatible with LAMEr. That means, encoding can be done as usual - but LAMEr reports a failure after encoding. Just ignore it and don't delete the mp3, it works. Sorry for that, it will be fixed in the next version. 06.07.2001 The link to LAME on the download-page now points to v3.89beta, which is out since yesterday I guess ;)

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